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Our mission is to encourage young Americans to travel abroad and learn about remarkable women in uniform. We actively participate in research that will improve American communities and we assist young Americans with obtaining a career in uniform.



We aim to contribute to community resilience. We do this by career preperation for young people and applied research. Our research focuses on environmental justice and reducing health disparities.


Since 2014 we have worked to assist veterans and military families with tranistioning into permanent housing. We operated the first veteran first housing complex in Beaumont, Texas. VA funding is needed to continue this part of our mission.


A Texas First:

Shero Park


Young Americans Overseas will honor nationally recognized women in the park. This park is a Texas first, given that it is the first park in Texas 100% dedicated to women in uniform. We held a groundbreaking cereamony on May 1, 2017. The VeteranFest fundraiser was held August 5, 2018. We are working to secure funding for the Shero Park. We will not commence with construction until 100% of funds are secured.

Who will be honored in the park?


Senator Tammy Duckworth accepted our invitation to be an honoree. Tammy Duckworth is an Iraq War Veteran, Purple Heart recipient and was nominated by former president Obama to be Assistant Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. She was among the first Army women to fly combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Law Enforcement

Sheriff Zena Stephens accepted our invitation to be an honoree. She is the first African American female to be elected sheriff in Texas. Before this she worked as the first female police chief at Prairie View. Prior to her police chief position, she worked as number two in command.


Brenda Berkman accepted our invitation to be an honoree. She is the first female to work as a NYC firefighter. She won a lawsuit that made it possible for women to break a hiring barrier in NYC. Brenda Berkman served at Ground Zero during 9/11. She is the first firefighter to receive the White House Fellow Award.

Ann Huff started as Beaumont's second female firefighter and rose to become the first female deputy chief before rising to the highest position as Beaumont's first female fire chief.

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